Mother’s Day 2014 – Not the TV portrayed kind




“You’re the best mom I ever had” – My 5 year old daughter



I wake up to four day old tonsillectomy breath huffing in my face and snow falling outside my window.  It is May 11, 2014, Mother’s Day, and there is fricken snow on the ground.  Good thing I waited to transplant my veggies I started in the house!  I try to be positive about it, but It puts a damper on my spirits anyway.  Winter has been long and cold this year, a lot like the winters used to be when I was a kid.  Real Montana winter as the old folks say.  But I am OVER it!!  Spring has been teasing us with some 70 degree days and warm sun on our bodies.  The morels were starting to show their glorious pinecone shapes in the forests.  My dogs were enjoying sunbathing on the deck and frankly, I was enjoying kicking their asses outside so they would quit peeing and shedding on every square foot of my house!  (P.S., I love my old blue heeler and my 3 beastly Chihuahuas, but enough is enough!)  My chickens were relishing the freshly cut grass, the warm dust baths, and all the bugs that were out to enjoy the sunshine and oxygen.  Then, we all woke up to this crap!  Grrrrrr….

Snowing on mothers day!?

Snowing on mothers day!?

Well, they say when life throws you lemons…. I could go out and build a snowman I guess.  Nah!  I think I will stay inside and do absolutely NO cleaning of any sort.  It is Mother’s Day after all.  I am sure it will all get done today by my wonderful husband, 5 year old daughter, and 16 year old Danish exchange student, right?  They will vacuum up dog hair and kid mess, clean their dishes from breakfast, and fold some laundry.  I’m sure of it… Yet I’m not holding my breath!

What are your plans for Mother’s day?  Or is it an overrated “holiday” in your house also?


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