Graduation Weekend

This year we hosted our 10th exchange student in the last 6 years!  Last weekend was high school graduation and the parties that go along with.  This is how we party in Montana…


Stewey, the party mascot




Playing some games


One handed shot with other hand holding your beer without spilling?  Awesome!

One handed shot with other hand holding your beer without spilling? Awesome!


This party was hosted by some friends to say goodbye to her exchange student also. It was a great family focused party with a lot of kids, games, and food. Nice way to spend our Saturday!


Forest Exploration and More Mushrooms!

Snail Shells

“Teaching Children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.”
-Thomas Berry, Dream of the Earth


A friend of ours dropped off some Morels for us the other day.  What a great guy as I wouldn’t share any of mine if I found them!

IMG_0333 IMG_0334

Today, we decided to go look for some of our own, but mainly it was just to get out into the woods.  My daughter is spending too much time in the house watching, My Little Ponies, on the IPad and not connecting with nature which surrounds us.  When I was younger I was always outside.  My mom would kick us kids out and lock the doors and we couldn’t come back in until she would call us in for lunch.  Of course there weren’t as many other distractions then.  We didn’t have satellite TV yet, no computers, video games, etc… so it was more fun outside anyway, I suppose.  I just remember our imaginations taking off.  We had a big hill behind our house which we would hike up and play in a tree fort we built out of branches and the bushy base of another tree. We spent all summer up there exploring everything.  I may or may not have even started quite a forest fire once practicing my girl scout fire building and extinguishing…..

little falls


The best thing in the world when we were younger, was riding in the back of the truck in the mountains! Especially with our dogs!
in truck

I always heard where you find snails there are Morels close by.
shell hunting

We didn’t find much for mushrooms, but rounded up (and left) quite a collection of snails!




Headed home after a fun filled afternoon

Ninepipes Lodge & Allentown Resturant


It is very important (and fun) to search out and highlight the small businesses that keep Montana running and share them with my readers! The first business I would like to showcase for Small Business Saturday, is Ninepipe Lodge & Allentown Restaurant.   Ninepipes, or as the locals call it “Pipes”, is located right off HWY 93, between Ronan and St. Ignatius.  It is on the east side of the Ninepipe and Pablo National Wildlife Refuge, which is a large protected wetland complex and bird sanctuary.  According to their website, it contains over 800 glacial potholes and a 1,770-acre reservoir where over 200 bird species have been recorded.

Ninepipes Lodge provides 25 rooms that can sleep between 2-4 people.  Allentown restaurant and sports bar are conveniently under the same roof as the lodge and have very yummy food.  If you are in the area heading to Glacier Park or the other direction to Missoula and need a clean, comfy place to stay, I highly recommend this establishment!


Some Taxidermy in Sports Bar


Sports Bar


Hallway to rooms


Banquet Room



View out dining room window


View out dining room window

Dining Room

Dining Room

Montana Spring Weekend Adventures

In Montana, there are a few tell tale signs that spring is here…

Crab Apple trees are in full bloom suffocating me with their pollen!

Crab Apple trees are in full bloom suffocating me with their pollen!

T-ball is in full swing! (Ha! no pun intended)




I like to buy other peoples junk

yard sale finds


Yard sale finds!



The dandelions are taking over!  They seem to be thicker this year.  My allergies are going crazy and I am thinking Maui sounds good right about now…  Lots of mowing, weeding, chicken coop cleaning going on this weekend.  The fun part of owning land and not living in the city in a condo.

Damn you dandelions!

Damn you dandelions!

Chickies are happy

Chickies are happy

Maybe in my next life I can get fake fingernails and manicures

Maybe in my next life I can get fake fingernails and manicures



Mother’s Day 2014 – Not the TV portrayed kind




“You’re the best mom I ever had” – My 5 year old daughter



I wake up to four day old tonsillectomy breath huffing in my face and snow falling outside my window.  It is May 11, 2014, Mother’s Day, and there is fricken snow on the ground.  Good thing I waited to transplant my veggies I started in the house!  I try to be positive about it, but It puts a damper on my spirits anyway.  Winter has been long and cold this year, a lot like the winters used to be when I was a kid.  Real Montana winter as the old folks say.  But I am OVER it!!  Spring has been teasing us with some 70 degree days and warm sun on our bodies.  The morels were starting to show their glorious pinecone shapes in the forests.  My dogs were enjoying sunbathing on the deck and frankly, I was enjoying kicking their asses outside so they would quit peeing and shedding on every square foot of my house!  (P.S., I love my old blue heeler and my 3 beastly Chihuahuas, but enough is enough!)  My chickens were relishing the freshly cut grass, the warm dust baths, and all the bugs that were out to enjoy the sunshine and oxygen.  Then, we all woke up to this crap!  Grrrrrr….

Snowing on mothers day!?

Snowing on mothers day!?

Well, they say when life throws you lemons…. I could go out and build a snowman I guess.  Nah!  I think I will stay inside and do absolutely NO cleaning of any sort.  It is Mother’s Day after all.  I am sure it will all get done today by my wonderful husband, 5 year old daughter, and 16 year old Danish exchange student, right?  They will vacuum up dog hair and kid mess, clean their dishes from breakfast, and fold some laundry.  I’m sure of it… Yet I’m not holding my breath!

What are your plans for Mother’s day?  Or is it an overrated “holiday” in your house also?